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Policeman Costin to the Prosecutors' Tender Mercy

2 Martie 2007
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Two days ago, the judicial investigators sent to the Law Court within the Court of Appeal Iasi the record concerning Officer Gelu Costin, the ex- head of the Guns and Ammunitions Department, currently an officer of No. III Section has been in charged of grievous bodily harm. Moreover, on his name there has been drawn up another record for having driven a vehicle with expired or invalid numbers. The prosecutors will also start the investigation against Dr. Teodor Stamate only if it is concluded that he has committed an offence of not having denounced a certain transgression. Both files are currently being analyzed by one of the most experimented prosecutors of Iasi, Dan Badarau, on the following days the investigation from the Law Court beginning. "The record has been brought to the Law Court within the Court of Appeal Iasi because it had been taken into account rather the quality of the defendant than the fact itself", stated yesterday Prosecutor Dan Badarau.
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